Written by Crystal Davis (Chief Creative)

Staying in the kitchen until 1 AM can be tough. Here at WHEALTH those late hours are more often than not the hours that really make us. Branching out from a week of insane scheduling we serviced a Wednesday morning breakfast at Bandier, a Thursday evening dinner for Nelson Mandela’s charity Caring4Girls, and then we closed out the week with small bites on Friday for the David Bowie Mural Unveiling at Cast Iron Lofts. The weekend was positive and vibrant with Saturday’s start of #RUNTHEHARBORSIDE and then on Sunday we cooked for a private party at Alstede Farms.

1 AM in the Kitchen1 AM in the Kitchen 1 AM in the Kitchen1 AM in the Kitchen


1 AM in the Kitchen

I can’t be in every place at once, but the business sure as hell can. This week has been a lesson in delegation. The true vision of what we’re doing here at WHEALTH comes with having a Chef de Cuisine and building a bigger team. We’re looking for someone new to join the family, someone who can work on recipes with me. In the same way that I work with Crystal to get you a newsletter every week, I’d like to work with a new team member to get you more food every week! Rapid growth calls for big moves with two cafes on the horizon and a popup under construction at the Harborside.  We need to continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. So sometimes being in the kitchen until 1 AM can seem like it’s awful, but when you look at what it’s leading to it’s fucking amazing. Chef de Cuisine, see you soon.