Written by Crystal Davis (Chief Creative)

This week was absolutely non-stop. It began on Monday where we signed the lease and got the keys to our new space. It ended with our weekly run/walk recharge and the return of #sundaygotmelikebrunch. In the middle of it all, Gina, (Jane of All Trades, WHEALTH partner, and Admin Master) was on a well-deserved vacation leaving the first phases of the Harborside buildout to David. While she was away in Florida drinking pina colada’s, toting her family around Universal Studios, and getting engaged (WOOT!); David and the rest of the WHEALTH FAM were building walls out of free pallets and painting.

A Wall Mexico Could Pay For
“We need to continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes it can seem like it’s awful, but when you look at what it’s leading to it’s fucking amazing. So speaking of something amazing – take a look at this wall,” — David Trotta

From burnt orange and gaudy Jersey housewife red to the clean lines of the WHEALTH aesthetic. The old Markers Express space at the Harborside is being transformed from a simplistic cafe and into Healthy Marketplace. Set to open in 1 week (permits permitting) our whole team is getting fired up for WHEALTH at the Harborside and we can’t wait to have you there!