Written by Crystal Davis (Chief Creative)

It was a super busy weekend for the company; we have stepped into the next level of execution where we had two large events on the same day concurrently. The first was a 600-person event down at The Asbury Hotel where we served street food inspired small bites of handmade empanadas, arepas, and zeppoles. The other half of our team, including David, was at a private event for one of our favorite clients in Bronxville, serving 100 guests at a haunted house party.  


Halloweekend at The Asbury Hotel and A Private Event in Bronxville

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. The fact that the company is really coming to a new place where we have to delegate responsibilities is something I don’t take lightly.  I can’t be in every place at once, but the business sure as hell can. I’m looking forward to building the team, — David Trotta, Founder of WHEALTH